Rev. Chelli Jones Johnson's Chapel United Methodist Church Brentwood TN

Hello and welcome from Johnson’s Chapel.  Perhaps you are visiting our website because you are looking for a church home and would like to learn more about us.  In a culture where it is increasingly easy to feel isolated and disconnected, Johnson’s Chapel offers community.  When people come to the church for the first time, they talk about how welcome they feel and how friendly people are and what a sense of belonging they experience.  I remember meeting with church leadership in anticipation of my appointment as pastor, and one member shared with me that he and his wife did not have any relatives in the area and he was grateful for his church who filled the role of extended family for his two children.  That is what Johnson’s Chapel is all about:  we are more than a congregation; we are family.  If you need a place to heal, connect, learn and grow, I encourage you to visit with us.  I invite you to worship in our beautiful 200 year old sanctuary.  Fellowship with us at our monthly dinners.  Serve the homeless with us at Community Care.

 Whatever your background, struggle, or circumstance, there is a place for you at Johnson’s Chapel.

Rev. Chelli Jones Deaver