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Historic Johnson Chapel Cemetery

The Johnson Chapel Cemetery’s first documented burial was in 1813. There are two documented Revolutionary War Soldiers
buried in the cemetery. The Johnson Chapel Cemetery is registered as a historical site and for this reason, limits are placed on new burials. It is important that the “feel” and historic nature of this site be kept intact.

Burial Plat Details
Burial plats: $2,500.00…4’x10’ (one casket and maximum of two inurnments). Headstones are required to be placed at the burial site soon after an interment. Headstones are to be a maximum size of: 50” high from ground level, x 36” wide; companion monuments 72” wide over two graves; thickness by supplier. The headstone material is to be marble or granite, and placed on solid base or foundation. Burial vaults are required.
Once plot has been occupied, a maximum of two cremations are allowed in the same plot.
The “new” names can be cut in the existing head stone or a plaque placed in-ground.

Cremation Garden Details
Columbarium: $1200.00 per niche, Top Tier (#1-12); $1100.00 per niche Lower Tier (#13-24). Each niche is 12”w X
11.5”h X 11.5” deep.
In-Ground CG plots: $1,000.00 per plot which is 36”x 36” (maximum of two inurnments). For in-ground plots, burial vaults are
required. Plaques [stones] are required to be placed at each burial site soon after inurnment. Plaques [stones] are to be a maximum
size of 24”x 24” and installed flush with the ground.

For more information and availability, please contact David Brownlee at 615-804-4996 or mail a request to the church.