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Johnson’s Chapel, established in 1803 is a picturesque setting for small weddings. The current building was dedicated in 1925. However, it is first and foremost a United Methodist church, thus certain necessary rules have been established by the church and must be honored for use of the facilities.

Seating capacity is 100. A quality piano is available. A room is available near the front of the building for the bride and her attendants to dress. A room with separate entrance, for the groom and his attendants to dress is available in the back of the chapel.

The historic schoolhouse, next door to the Chapel is available for receptions. (See Guide & Contract for Schoolhouse rental fees.)

Reservations must be confirmed at least 30 days prior to the wedding. They may be made by meeting with the minister of Johnson’s Chapel. The church is not available for weddings on the day of or evening before special church-planned activities.

Insurance Requirements. The JCUMC insurance company requires that a JCUMC member be present when the facilities are being rented to members and non-members.

It is vital that you inform the Wedding Coordinator of the number of guests expected so that proper parking arrangements and parking assistants may be provided for a fee of $50.00. A “parking-map” is available and you may provide your own parking assistant.

Payment of $600 for use of the Chapel for up to four (4) hours is required at the time the reservation is made. Additional time may be utilized at an additional fee of $100.00 per hour. The historic schoolhouse, next door to the Chapel, is available for receptions (see the Historic Johnson’s Chapel School House Rental Guide for fees.) The entire rental fee of $600.00 (and fee for any additional time reserved) for the Chapel is refundable if written cancellation is made more than 30 days in advance. Additionally, a cleaning deposit of $700.00 is required. This will be returned following the event, less $100.00 cleaning fee, provided no additional costs/damages are incurred. It is suggested that the first hour of the time block include the time spent by florist, decorators, musicians, photographers, etc. preparing the site for your special event. The rehearsal and wedding will take place within the first two hours of the four-hour block of time. The last hour is for the time required to remove various equipment.

NOTE: The date will not be reserved until the fee is paid in full and a completed application is turned in to Wedding Coordinator.

Fees/compensation for musicians, pastoral counseling, parking assistants and/or honoraria for officiating ministers are not included in the church- use fees listed above and are the responsibility of the bride and groom to be given on the day of the ceremony.

The Pastor of Johnson’s Chapel United Methodist Church is available for a minimum fee of $300.00; JCUMC’s Music Director will provide music for weddings at the Johnson’s Chapel for a minimum fee of $200.00.

NOTE: RENTAL OF JCUMC CHAPEL TO JCUMC MEMBERS will be made for a fee of $100.00 per day (from one-minute up to 24 hours); the chapel will be cleaned and arranged as it was prior to the rental by the renter. Cleaning service may be arranged for a $100.00 cleaning fee.

Guest Ministers
If a guest minister is to officiate or assist at the wedding, this must be coordinated through the minister of Johnson’s Chapel so an invitation may be extended, as is customary. The Pastor of Johnson’s Chapel United Methodist Church may be available to officiate at the scheduled wedding. The JCUMC Wedding Coordinator is the point-of-contact to arrange for the JCUMC Pastor to officiate the wedding ceremony.

The rehearsal will be scheduled within the basic block of time. (See paragraph on “Fees”.)

Decorations should be used with restraint to preserve the theological symbols within the chancel. Care must be taken to protect furnishings and carpet.
Only dripless candles may be used. Candles may not be placed on window sills. Bows or flowers placed to mark pews may only be attached with ribbon. Any use of tape, tacks, staples or nails is prohibited.

It is very important that the piano not be moved under any circumstances, nor may candles or decorations be placed upon it.

The pulpit may be moved straight back (only). This is a true antique piece and very precious to the Chapel history.

Times for deliveries; set up and pick up of flowers, stands, candelabra and such must be scheduled during the basic four hour rental, unless prior arrangements have been made for additional time.

In keeping with the sacredness of the wedding ceremony, digital flash pictures are permitted to be taken in the sanctuary during the service. Video taping without extra lighting is also permitted.

Wedding Director:
Johnson’s Chapel does not provide a wedding director. Use of a director is left to the arrangements and wishes of the bride and groom. However, Johnson’s Chapel’s Wedding Coordinator will work with the wedding director.

Children are of course, welcome at Johnson’s Chapel. However, they must be well attended and not be allowed to play in the choir loft nor allowed to run in the sanctuary.

Use of Equipment
Any use of the electronic equipment (sound system, microphones) must be coordinated with the church secretary or with the Wedding Coordinator. The piano may not be moved under any circumstances. Electronic instruments cannot be plugged into the church sound system, thus separate amplifiers must be used if required.

Summer Heat
Please be aware that the Chapel is an historic building. While it has many modern amenities such as electric heat and air conditioning, the system struggles to maintain adequate cooling for late summer dates when the temperatures rise into the 90’s.

Other Notes
Alcoholic beverages may not be served. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.

Only bird seed (no rice or bubbles) may be used if the wedding couple is to be showered as they leave the building.

Contacts for Wedding information:

Kay Lepper, 615-661-8934 or jcumc201@yahoo.com